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myCatalogs | Documentation

2. Share
2.1    Document sending by email
2.2    Import document from email
2.3    Export document to file
2.4    Import document from file
2.5    Move document
2.6    Download Templates

2.1  Document sending by email
To send a document by email, please click in the desired document on and myCatalogs will automatically open a new mail window. There you only need to enter the email address of the recipient and send the e-mail. The document has already been added as a .ctlx file to the email. If your document has an image, this image has already been added to the mail. The recipient receives the essential information about the document as soon as the email is comming in.

2.2  Import document from email
If you receive a document by email, just double-click the .ctlx file in the mail and myCatalogs imports the document automatically. If your Mac asks with which program you will open the file, please select myCatalogs.app. Based on the document ID, Catalogs checks to see if the document already exists and asks if the document should be overwritten or duplicated.

2.3  Export document to file
Click in the desired document on and myCatalogs opens the dialog box for saving the document to a file. In the location you select on your Mac, your document is saved with all content as a .ctlx file.

2.4  Import document from file
If you want to import a document from a locally saved .ctlx file, you have two options (automatic or manual). The automatic import into the correct catalog is carried out if you want to open the .ctlx file with a double-click. If you want to manually import a .ct file into a particular catalog, click in the desired catalog on and the document is imported as a duplicate in the desired catalog.

2.5  Move document
If you have created or imported a document in an incorrect catalog, you can move the document to the correct catalog as follows. To do this, click on and save the document (e.g. on your desktop). Close the catalog and open the desired target catalog an click on and the document will be imported. If you no longer need the document in the previous catalog, you can delete it there.

2.6  Download Templates
My Catalogs is designed to work with templates in the most diverse areas. So if you have the possibility to load a template for myCatalogs from the Internet (e.g. our Free Templates ), Then you will find the .ctlx file after the download by default in the download folder. Double-click the file in the download folder, and the document is automatically imported into the correct catalog.

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