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myCatalogs | Documentation

5. Text area
5.1    Edit text
5.2    Export text
5.3    Import text
5.4    Padding
5.5    Add photos
5.6    Scaling photos
5.7    Tables
5.8    Links
5.9    Symbols

5.1  Edit text
The entire middle section of the document window is available as a text area for free design. In addition to the top toolbar you'll probably know from other apps (such as TextEdit), You will find further information and buttons for text processing on the right. You can see the current width of the text area in pixels, the button for setting the header and footer, the buttons for importing and exporting text in RTFD format, the printer button, the options for padding, header, image and footer printing and other buttons for inserting links, symbols, tables, and photos.

5.2  Export text
MyCatalogs gives you the possibility to save the entire text in the middle section to a file. Click on and you can save the text in RTFD format to your Mac. This also allows you to edit the text in other apps (such as TextEdit) or to create text templates that you want to use again for other documents.

5.3  Import text
With a click on You have the possibility to import a text in the RTFD format directly into the text area of your document. For example, if you will use myCatalogs also for the creation of letters, you can load your own text templates.

5.4  Padding
The padding function is a special feature of myCatalogs and gives you the possibility to display the text area borderless (without padding) or with inserted edge (with padding). The padding option has no effect on the print output, but serves merely for the visual design of your documents.

5.5  Add photos
There are different ways to add photos to the text area of your document. You can click on (right of the text options) to select a photo on your Mac. You can also drag a picture directly into the text area of your document or you can use the standard function (Copy and Paste).

5.6  Scaling photos
If you want to scale a photo in the text area, please double-click on the photo you want and the window for scaling will be displayed. Set the desired width or height in pixels, close the input with "TAB" and the format is calculated automatically. If you do not want automatic scaling, deselect the option for proportional scaling and the image will be cropped.

myCatalogs does not distort the photos but trims them. If, for example, the width you specify is less than the proportionally calculated width, then a left and right part of the image falls away. We simply recommend some tests with examples, so that you can get to know the logic of this function.

5.7  Tables
With a click on You can add a table to your text area or you can edit an existing table at your text area. The window with the table options is opened for editing and formatting the table.

5.8  Links
With an click on You can insert a link into your text. To edit and format the link, the window with the link options will be displayed. This option is very useful when, if you need in your project documents or checklists the direct access to different websites.

5.9  Symbols
With a click on the window for selecting symbols opens. This allows you quickly and easily insert a symbol into your text. You can choose from all the symbols available on your Mac.

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