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Snapshots | Privacy policy

With the app "Snapshots" we do not collect any personal data of the user. The app works as a standalone software exclusively on the user's system and uses only the user-selected data, files or folders. If the user shares files or information with third parties via email or via social networks, no personal data will be transmitted to us. The app is solely a tool for the user, which should facilitate the work in the respective requirement area.

Since no personal data is collected via the app, we would nevertheless like to point out the following point in terms of data protection:

Mac App Store
The app is offered exclusively through the Mac App Store and can only be downloaded from the Mac App Store. Your personal information will be transferred to the Mac App Store. We have no influence on this data collection and are not responsible for it. A transfer of personal data of the Mac App Store to us does not occur. Thus, in this context, no personal data stored by us.

The satisfaction of our app users is very important to us. Therefore, we are also happy to receive support inquiries, which we are pleased to answer, in order to be able to provide the necessary assistance, especially for more complex applications. In addition, we are also pleased about suggestions for improvement. In these cases you can contact us by e-mail and we will receive personal information from you so that we can process your request. We assure that we do not forward this data to third parties and use only for the purpose of support processing.

The data processing in the support case is a general service based on the current privacy policy of the Trade Factory GmbH (Germany).

Trade Factory GmbH
Trade Factory GmbH
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eMail: info@trade-factory.de
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